The Finest Team

The management team is comprised of known and respected internationals: Inge Nitsche, Lucie Cunningham, Peter Legget, Tim Leether,
Read why they were drawn to this project below:

“For many years I witnessed the employers’ quest for opportunities to improve the settling-in process of their international assignees and the well-being of the accompanying family members during the posting since this is a crucial component for success of the assignment. In 2013 they’ve called upon the Dutch Expat Foundation to come up with a plan and City’s Finest was born. It’s great to work with dedicated professionals in a non-commercial setting. The City’s Finest Community truly is a gem.”

Inge NitscheInge Nitsche, ceo of the Expatise Academy and chairperson to the Dutch Expat Foundation.
“During my first Dutch language course, I received a wise tip to improve my spoken Dutch: ‘Do your groceries in small shops, go to the market! This way you will interact with locals and practice the stock phrases that we have learnt.’ I ended up discovering excellent products, and receiving great service in a country where internationals often complain about the standards for customer service. My first few months in The Netherlands were quite lonely but I thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with small entrepreneurs. The feeling of becoming a regular and being appreciated as a client helped me settle down in Delft. I am very excited at sharing internationals’ favourite places in Delft through City’s Finest’s website and I plan to explore some in nearby cities.


Lucie CunninghamLucie Gunningham.
Lucie Cunningham has lived in France, England and The USA before moving to The Netherlands 15 years ago. As a consultant, she advised the Expat project Team Delft on how to structurally improve their welcome to internationals. She received the Delft volunteer of the year award in 2007 for her work as founder of non-profit DelftMaMa and was voted in the top 3 for the Expat of the Year Netherlands awards in 2010 and 2011.



Peter LeggettPeter Legett.
Peter Leggett is a freelance photographer and HR Consultant who has made Den Haag and the Netherlands his home. He is actively involved in the community here and can occasionally still be found playing the odd game of amateur football or cricket in the various local sports leagues and associations.
“I was born and raised in The Hague, and there isn’t a city I know or love more in the world, yet with ancestors from all over Europe and even Asia, Swiss nationality alongside Dutch, I never felt ‘typically Dutch’ and have always been drawn to different cultures and internationals. So, with one half of my heart set in The Hague, the other half in the rest of the world, I didn’t hesitate a second when the opportunity to join a collective dedicated to building bridges between the local- and international community came along; it was a whole-hearted ‘yes’! “