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If you would like to recommend and/or review a business, service, event or project, please give us the details in the form below, and we will consider adding it to the website if it is interesting for our target audience, the international community.

Target area

Currently we are only accepting listings in the greater The Hague area, including neighbouring cities and villages like Delft, Wassenaar, Rijswijk, Voorburg, Nootdorp, Pijnacker, Zoetermeer, etc. We consider adding Leiden, but not Rotterdam and other larger cities.

Reviews and ratings

We highly appreciate it if you also write a review about the treasure you found, and give it a star rating in the form below. Let visitors of the website know what is so good, special or unique about it and why you are enthusiastic about sharing it.

If you don’t want us to use your real name with the review, please fill in the relevant field below and let us know which name, initials or pseudonym we can use. We will not place your email address with the listing.

Selection process

Please note that the listings on this website are carefully hand-picked and curated by our team to be suitable and interesting for our target audience: internationals living in, or visiting The Hague and surrounding area. The selection of listings is based on real recommendations and we reserve the right to allow or deny any listing on our website, without having to justify our reasons.

Do you own a business that you would like to be listed?

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Please note that all commercial listings are paid, and need one or more independent recommendations from our audience.

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