Why I love Gastropub and Brewery Van Kinsbergen in The Hague

The Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague is my favorite part of town! It has become even more fun since Van Kinsbergen opened its doors in mid-2018. This gastropub is located in the heart of the district, on the famous Prins Hendrikplein. Fun fact; they are in a historic building – and used to be a bank! This place is charming from the outside and inside. In the summer they also have a terrace on the square, where you can sit in the sun until late in the afternoon. How do I know this? Because it is one of my favorite places! The three owners are Bas, Patrick and Lara. Bas is the chef in the kitchen, Patrick is in charge of service and Lara is the coffee and lunch specialist.

I was invited to come to dinner on Sunday and we were welcome from 5:30 pm. If you think that nobody comes to a restaurant that early, know that at Van Kinsbergen you may! From about 4:00 PM there is a DJ who plays relaxed jazz records, and it is already very busy with people celebrating with Sunday afternoon drinks.

Once sitting at the table we felt like having a cocktail, and fortunately they have plenty of choice. I ordered the ‘Japanese Ninja’, which is a mix between Japanese whiskey, sesame syrup, lime juice and angostura bitter. Two words: SUPER TASTY! Normally I find whiskey too intense but this was a perfect combination of soft, sour and sweet.

They have a wide choice of shareable appetizers. My favorite dishes to share are the Jalapeño Poppers (simply put: mouth-watering hot pepper with cheese from the fryer), The Pizza Sashimi with raw tuna on filo pastry (super light but tasty snack) and the Steak Tartare & Crispy Bone Marrow (you really do not want to share it … It is as good as it sounds!).

As main course they have a wide choice of meat, fish and vega (n) dishes. My all-time favorite is the Rack of Lamb with a Herb Crust. This dish is  one of Chef Bas’ s classics, and is truly unbelievably DELICIOUS. Besides the lamb, I always order the twister fries with Parmesan cheese and truffle mayonnaise. Another incredibly good dish to order is the ‘Surf & Turf’ platter. You can share this with 2+ people: it contains a burger and ribeye, some smokey ribs and king prawns. You also get fries and salad. Sounds like a reason not to go to the Albert Heijn spontaneously, and to reserve a table here, right ?!

For dessert they have 5 sweet dishes or cheese. Normally I always go for the latter, but I was surpringly in the mood for sweets. And good that I was, because we tried the Trifle, and it was so amazing! The trifle consists of a glass with lemon curd, meringue, raspberry and pistachio. What a treat!

We walked home with a satisfied feeling. Van Kinsbergen in a nutshell: incredibly cozy, atmospheric ‘all day’ restaurant with super friendly staff and a wide choice of quality food and drinks. this is where you can make an online reservation if you two want a great culinary experience. www.gastropubvankinsbergen.nl/en

Lots of love,


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