Delft Blues Festival February 16 to 18 2018

Delft Blues Festival February 16 to 18 2018

This year Delft celebrates its 20th edition of the spectacular Delft Blues Festival with 70 performances at 36 different cafe’s and public places from Friday, February 16 till Sunday, February 18.

It is the largest Dutch indoors blues festival and has many fans. Delft is famous for its cafes ,hotels, boutiques, cultural institutions and restaurants all year around but they take on another life during this festival.Here are the locations where artists will perform.

As far as the music is concern, it will be blues on all its glory and diversity! Delta Blues, Blues Rock, Chicago Blues, Westcoast Blues, Americana, Jump ā€˜nā€™ Jive, Rock & Roll, Boogie-Woogie, Rockabilly played acoustically or plugged in. Here are the bands, where and when to expect them and their genre as their colourful names don’t always give you a clue on that.

There are 5 hotels that offer special arrangements if you or guests of yours would like to spend the night in Delft instead of going back to your home in the evening.

Delft has much to offer between these concerts from cultural attractions, a beautiful historical centre, to a refreshing selection of unique stores which have become more diverse modern and international the last couple of years. Have a look at City’s Finest Delft pages to get an impression and plan your trip.

Please note that Delft is now a lot more accessible by car now that most roadworks around the train station have been completed. There are several parking garages if you decide to come by car. Otherwise the train and bus stations are close enough to the centre to reach by foot. Tram 1 is also an option if you come from The Hague or Rijswijk, you can stop at Prinsenhof , Centre or Delft station tramway stops to go to the festival.

By Lucie Cunningham, City’s Finest Delft representative










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