To cafe or not to cafe?

To Cafe, or not to Cafe….

As a teenager we used to slip out of school and nip to the local cafe (Greasy Spoon) to enjoy a bacon or sausage and egg sandwich (sarnie) a mug of tea (builders’ style) and a quick glance over the daily paper or tabloid press. Alas, there are no British style greasy spoon (a colloquial term used in the UK for a small, cheap restaurant or diner which typically specialising in fried foods) style cafes here in NL, though you can find an array of deep fried ‘specialities’ such as frikandellen – kind of minced meat hot dog, gehakt ballen – minced meat type of meatball, kas soufflés – deep fried cheese inside a thin dough based wrap, bitterballen – small meat balls, like frikandel meat, and kip sate…. mmm, lekker!!

Since my arrival, I have grown to acknowledge that a ‘cafe’ to those here in The Hague is not too dissimilar to many other countries, simple food, coffee, soft drinks, lunch and dinner, as well as various breakfast options on offer, maybe an alcoholic drink, and a terrace or at least an enclosed eating space adjacent to the side street or road. I have my favourites of course, and nowadays it is more important that we can take the kids and dog with us, or go somewhere to enjoy a respite from the day, or a chance to people watch (or as the Dutch sometimes refer to it locally as ‘apen kijken’, watching monkeys). Yet this is sadly not about me, this is about the recommendations of where to try and of course only a few of the many options that there are here.

To kick things off, below are there are 25 different choices, the first random picks from our back catalogue.



Le Café


Kicking Horse Cafe


De Overkant

Bij Clarence

Café 42


Lunchroom Eigenweisse


Cafe Madelaine

O.D. – Outrageously Delicious


Het Bakkerswinkel

John & June’s


Hop & Stork


Bagel & Beans

Café Schlemmer

Café de la Gare

Café de Zwarte Ruiter

Café Emma

Over the course of the next few weeks we will continue to keep you updated on the recommendations in this area, via our website and social media. And if you find a little gem yourself, please feel free to pass it on and share it with others. Though, if you choose to save to for a rainy day, then we fully understand. A place to escape and find solace or simply be at ease, is of course a pre-requisite for anyone’s personal favourites on the menu card. Now tuck in and enjoy…


  1. buy and drink your ‘specialty coffee’ @ koffiebranderij BOON. I mean how cool is it to get your coffee straight from the roastery!

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